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Launch of the TETRA-S PROJECT

Via Giovanni Savelli 128, Padova

27-28 June, 2022

Via Giovanni Savelli 128, Padua

The project was officially kicked off in Padua, hosted by IRECOOP Veneto, and coordinated by the project leader from Ubuntu Achtkanter, on 27th and 28th June 2022. It followed the work done during the virtual kick-off of May 2022.

IRECOOP Veneto, legally recognized association, is a training organization promoted by the Confcooperative – Regional Union of cooperatives of Veneto and Federation of Cooperative Credit banks as a support to social development in the Veneto Region. It promotes and manages initiatives of vocational basic and follow-up training, professional qualification and staff re-qualification, as well as trainings for job seekers, employees, disadvantaged people, emerging professional profiles.

Partners came from six countries: Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Italy.

With the general goal to work jointly towards the improvement of the competences of the adult educators in teaching people with a cognitive disability transversal skills, the meeting aimed at learning the identity and expertise of partners, with a shared understating of the project goals, results and activities to be carried out.

It was the occasion to learn about good practices of the Veneto Region: the Irpea Foundation, developing services accredited by the Veneto Region, for example cohabitation for independent life paths and a garden project in the city; and the Cooperative Vite Vere Down Dadi, offering work placement experiences to people with disability in a newly inaugurated B&B. All practices were integrated in the framework of the green policies of the Veneto Region.

Programme kick-off 27-28.06.2022

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