National Association of Professionals Working with People with Disabilities - NARHU


NARHU is a non-profit union in public service comprised of a National representative body of all professionals who are working with people with disabilities in terms of their education, employment and social inclusion. The team of NARHU comprises of well-known experts in the field of inclusive education, educational methodologists, social workers and technicians who are developing specific resources to ensure inclusive education and labour market inclusion of youth and adults with disadvantages. Also experts in economy, law and IT are part of the team.

The main activities are directed towards educators and people with different type and stage of disability, primarily in the spheres of their employment, social inclusion and training. Among them, supporting and inclusive education materials based on the P-level system for youth and adults with disabilities and their teachers/trainers, innovative programmes for vocational education and training, flexible schemes helping the career development of young people and adults from disadvantaged groups, and guidance for teachers and trainers. The actual activities and national projects of Narhu provide a wealth of experiences that are useful for the TETRA-S project: sharing good practices, tackling educators’ challenges whilst training their learners. Moreover, recommendations are developed based on the good practices and the critical factors of success, as found in Bulgaria.

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