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Ubuntu Group is a Flemish not-for-profit network organisation active in the field of disability and social economy. The organisation supports ca.1000 vulnerable adults with a disability (intellectual, cognitive, physical, sensorial), dual diagnosis or ASS. The group, goes just that one step further. It raises the standard for vulnerable people and families. It goes for nothing less than their own valued place in society, it does this by empowering them. From listening actively to them and their network, it works together to find unique, creative answers for their needs through a real and individualized support.

Empowering people also makes Ubuntu stronger. The group is generally recognized and valued for its educational knowledge and its extensive expertise in the field of cognitive training (meditational interventions, Breinbreker) and its approach to wellbeing (gentle teaching). A firm content and a warm approach for the best quality of life.

Ubuntu organizes activities, services and workplaces for people with a disability as well as for those who do not have access to the mainstream labour market. The group looks for cross-pollination across sectors and in connection with the neighborhood. After all, it is perfectly normal for everyone to have the opportunity to contribute to a warm, supportive living environment.

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